SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi is a member service program that offers high-quality hospitality and special benefit services to ensure that overseas guests have an unforgettable time in Japan. Through this program, we will see to it that guests experience plenty of joy in all aspects of their stay in Japan.

What's New

  • September 1, 2019. Announcement on Change in Prince Points Addition Rate

    Thank you for shopping at a SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi merchant.
    We hereby inform you that the addition rate for Prince Point will change in the following manner as of October 1,2019.
    ・Before change (until September 30, 2019): 1 Prince Point added per 108 yen spent
    ・After change (starting October 1, 2019): 1Prince Point added per 110 yen spent
    *Calculated based on the payment settlement date. (Japan time)
    *The Prince Points addition rate may differ according to the merchant.

    [Revision of Membership Terms and Conditions]
    The Membership Terms and Conditions have been partially revised with respect to the addition of Prince Points.

    《Portion revised》
    Paragraph 5 (Addition of Points) Item 1
    You can verify the revised portion of the Membership Terms and Conditions here.
  • August 1,2018. The SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi Membership Terms and Conditions, Terms of Consent on the Handling of Personal Information, Privacy Policy, and Site Policy have been partially revised.

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Introduction to member locations

Here is an introduction to the member locations where SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi members can take advantage of exclusive special benefits and services for good deals. Please visit these member locations based on what you aim to do, such as stay in a hotel, shop, or engage in leisurely activities.