Privacy Policy

Revised February 1, 2018

SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Seibu Holdings Inc. (“Company”) has, as set forth below, established a basic policy (Privacy Policy) with respect to the Company’s handling of personal information for the SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi Prince Points Program (the "Program") and during any campaigns, questionnaires, etc. that may be carried out in connection with the Program, and will implement and continuously improve the protection of personal information

Seibu Prince Club Desk (“Desk”) shall be the department that will be responsible for protecting personal information for the Program.

1. Handling of personal information

  1. The personal information that is collected from applicants for membership, registrants for participation in various campaigns and questionnaires, as well as the club members (“Members”) and held by the Desk for the purpose of carrying out any and all transactions with the Company as well as the member companies of the Seibu Group and the SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi member stores (collectively, “Member Stores”) relating to the Program, including membership applications and registrations (“Transactions”) shall include the following (“Personal Information”):
    1. Name, date of birth, gender, address, and telephone number provided by Members on the specified membership application website, and any other information provided Members;
    2. E-mail address and other information provided by Members through the member site and the campaign site for web registration or participation in questionnaire surveys; and
    3. Usage history related to Transactions.
  2. After taking all of the necessary measures to protect Personal Information, the Desk will share and use such Personal Information with the Member Stores for the purposes set out below:
    1. To provide services incidental to points allocation and the Member Card at Member Stores;
    2. To mail or send various announcements with respect to information regarding business information, product information, etc. of Member Stores;
    3. To use in conjunction with product development, market research, etc. relating to the products and services offered by Member Stores;
    4. To facilitate communications from Member Stores to Members that are necessary for Transactions and for confirming transaction details; and
    5. To facilitate responses from Member Stores to inquiries, opinions, and requests from Members.
  3. Even if the Desk or a Member Store uses Personal Information within the scope agreed to by a Member, the Desk or Member Store shall, upon request of the Member, stop using such information to the extent that it will not disturb its business operations.

2. Disclosure, correction, and deletion of Personal Information in possession

  1. Any Member may request the Desk to disclose his/her own Personal Information that is in the possession of the Desk. A Member who wishes to request the disclosure, correction or deletion of his/her Personal Information in the possession of the Desk must do so from the contact points set forth in Section 6 hereof.
  2. The Desk will respond to requests for the disclosure, correction, or deletion of Personal Information in good faith, to the extent that it is reasonable as well as necessary to do so. In principle, the response will be given in writing. In such event, the Member shall bear the fee prescribed by the Desk.

3. Addition or change to the purpose of use

The Desk and the Member Stores will use Personal Information within the scope of the purposes for which they have notified Members or published. The Desk and the Member Stores will obtain the advance consent of Members in any event that it is necessary to use any Personal Information for a purpose beyond the stated scope.

4. Establishment of a management system

  1. The Desk shall establish a system for properly managing Personal Information in order to prevent the loss, destruction, tampering, and disclosure of such Personal Information. Unless required by the SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi Membership Terms and Conditions, Terms of Consent on the Handling of Personal Information (Special Provisions), the law or an order from a government authority under the law, the Desk shall not disclose or provide a Member’s Personal Information to any third party without the consent of the Member.
  2. The Desk shall obtain the consent of a Member in the event it provides or shares all or part of the Member’s Personal Information with a third party. In this case, the third party that receives or shares such Personal Information will be required to properly manage it to the same extent that it is managed by the Desk to protect the Personal Information in accordance with law.
  3. The Desk may outsource the handling of Personal Information to a third party within the scope of the publicly stated purposes. In this case, the outsourced service provider shall be required to properly manage Personal Information to the same extent that is managed by the Desk to protect the Personal Information in accordance with law, and the Desk shall supervise the service provider so as to ensure that the necessary management will be in place to protect the Personal Information.
  4. The Desk shall make every effort to properly manage Personal Information, including educating employees about the handling of Personal Information.
  5. The Desk shall comply with all laws, regulations, and guidelines relating to the protection of Personal Information and act in accordance with the provisions of the internal regulations governing Personal Information.
  6. The Desk shall continuously review and improve the internal regulations and management system relating to the protection of Personal Information according to changes in social conditions.
  7. The Desk shall respect the rights of Members with respect to their Personal Information, and respond to any requests from Members for the disclosure, correction, or deletion of their Personal Information within a reasonable time and scope.

5. Matters Not Stipulated

Any matter not stipulated in this Privacy Policy shall be subject to the “Seibu Holdings Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information”

6. Governing law and court of jurisdiction

The text of this Privacy Policy is given in Japanese. In the event the policy is translated into languages other than Japanese, only the Japanese text shall be valid and text that has been translated into any other language will have no effect whatsoever.

Unless otherwise provided, this Privacy Policy and the use of Personal Information shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance over any dispute with respect to this Privacy Policy or the use of Personal Information.

Revised February 1, 2018