Prior to contacting us with your inquiry

Please check our FAQ prior to contacting us with your inquiry.

About registering account information (My Page registration)

Is the account information registration (My Page registration) process absolutely necessary? How is my personal information used?

Some services and promotions are not available to members who have not registered their account information. Please register your information so you can have access to all services. Personal information is used to provide services and product information. It is also used as emergency contact information and to provide support to customer inquiries.

I registered my account information (My Page registration), but I have not received a confirmation email message.

Please recheck your email address used for registration. The confirmation email may have been filtered as spam by your email software or security software. Please check the spam, trash, or other folder used for filtering purposes. Provider access to email may be temporarily suspended due to an email server or other issue. Please contact your service provider in such cases. If you used a cellphone email address, please check if there are domain restrictions configured in the inbound settings. If there are domain restrictions configured in the inbound settings, please add the "" domain to the allowed inbound list.

About using your My Page

I forgot my password to the My Page service.

Please click on the "Forgot your Password?" link to configure a new password and log into the service.

Please call us by telephone for other inquiries

Prior to contacting us with your inquiry, please check our FAQ. You may find the question or answer you are looking for there.



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