About Prince Points

What are "Prince Points?"

Members are awarded 1 Prince Point for every 110 yen that you spend at a participating SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi merchant.
You can then redeem those points for special vouchers and shopping tickets only offered by the Seibu Group in accordance with the number of points that you accumulated.

Watch your points rack up when you visit various participating merchants!
Redeem the points you accumulated for vouchers and hotel vouchers!
Points are valid for 5 years!

Accumulate points

Look for facilities where you can use Prince Points

  1. Participating SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi merchants include hotels, golf courses, ski slopes, shopping facilities, aquariums, amusement parks and other facilities operated across Japan by Seibu Group member companies. Watch your points rack up while you enjoy your time there.

    • In order to be awarded points, you must present your SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi card prior to making payment.
    • Prince Points are not awarded at certain facilities and establishments (such as those located overseas).
    • Reservations obtained through other websites and travel agencies as well as the use of overseas hotels and golf courses do not qualify to receive points.

    Participating merchant sticker

Verify accumulated points

  1. Check

    Verify on website

    You can verify your accumulated points on a website by registering your account information (performing My Page registration).
    It is highly recommended to members that they register, as doing so will makes it possible to verify the points balance, the valid term of those points, and the history of point usage.

  2. Check

    Verify using a Pripochecker (Point Check & Exchange Machine)

    You can also verify your points using a Pripochecker (Point Check & Exchange Machine), which can be found at participating SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi merchants.

    Stores with a Pripochecker (Point Check & Exchange Machine) installed

    • The display on the Pripochecker is exclusively in English.

Use points

The Prince Points that you accumulated can be redeemed for special items only offered by the Seibu Group.
Points can be redeemed for products on the My Page website.

  • You must perform My Page registration in order to use this service.

1. Redeem on website

  1. You can redeem points for hotel vouchers.
    After redeeming your points, your tickets will be delivered to the sending address that you registered in approx. 2 to 3 weeks.

    • After the tickets arrive, you must make a reservation with accommodations in order to use them.

2. Redeeming points using a Pripochecker (points verifiers and exchangers)

  1. Both Printed Vouchers (500-yen denomination) and Other Vouchers can be used immediately at participating SEIBU PRINCE CLUB emi merchants right after they have been issued using a Pripochecker.

    Products that points can be redeemed for

    • Printed Prince Points Vouchers (300-yen, 400-yen and 500-yen denominations)
    • Other Prince Points Vouchers
    • The display on the Pripochecker is exclusively in English.


List of locations where Pripochecker (point verifiers and exchangers) are installed

Locations installed Operating hours
AccommodationsThe Prince Park Tower Tokyo 8:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
AccommodationsGrand Prince Hotel New Takanawa 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
AccommodationsTokyo Prince Hotel 8:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
AccommodationsShinagawa Prince Hotel 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
AccommodationsSunshine City Prince Hotel 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
ShoppingTokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho Kioi Terrace 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingSEIBU SHINJUKU PePe 11:00A.M.~10:00P.M.
ShoppingBIGBOX Takadanobaba 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
  • Until 8:00 PM on Sundays and national holidays
ShoppingGrand Emio Oizumi-Gakuen 10:00A.M.~10:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Ikebukuro 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Sakuradai (in Japanese Only) 9:00A.M.~10:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Nerima 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Nakamurabashi 10:00A.M.~10:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Fujimidai 9:00A.M.~11:30P.M.
ShoppingEmio Nerima-Takanodai 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Shakujii-Koen 10:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Hoya 10:00A.M.~10:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Higashikurume 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Akitsu 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Musashi-Seki 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Tanashi 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Musashi-Sakai 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
Locations installed Operating hours
OtherKikusuitei 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingSEIBU HONKAWAGOE PePe 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingSEIBU HANNO PePe 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingSEIBU IRUMA PePe 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingGrand Emio Tokorozawa 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Shin-Tokorozawa 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
ShoppingEmio Sayamashi 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
Locations installed Operating hours
AccommodationsThe Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
AccommodationsOiso Prince Hotel 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
AccommodationsKamakura Prince Hotel 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
AccommodationsShin Yokohama Prince Hotel 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
ShoppingSHIN-YOKOHAMA Prince PePe 10:00A.M.~9:00P.M.
Locations installed Operating hours
AccommodationsKaruizawa Prince Hotel West 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
GolfKaruizawa 72 Golf(East Course Clubhouse, 1st Floor) 6:00A.M.~7:00P.M.
ShoppingKARUIZAWA PRINCE SHOPPING PLAZA(Center Mall, Information, West FamilyMart, East,KARUIZAWA KODAWARI STATION) Store business hours (differ according to the season)
Locations installed Operating hours
AccommodationsManza Prince Hotel 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
Locations installed Operating hours
AccommodationsNaeba Prince Hotel 8:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
  • Not available during periods when Bldg. #4 is closed
Locations installed Operating hours
AccommodationsNagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
Locations installed Operating hours
AccommodationsLake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
GolfSeta Golf Course 7:00A.M.~6:00P.M.
Locations installed Operating hours
AccommodationsGrand Prince Hotel Hiroshima 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.
Locations installed Operating hours
AccommodationsSapporo Prince Hotel 6:00A.M.~11:00P.M.

Regarding the valid term for points

The valid term of Prince Points accumulated during the 1-year period between January 1 and December 31 of the year in which you used your card is 5 years including the year of usage.

Point accumulation period

1-year period between January 1 and December 31 every year

Valid term of points

Until the end of December 4 years after the year the points were accumulated

  • Please note that points that have exceeded their valid term will lose their validity.