Details of products to redeem points for

Hotel Voucher 15,000, 1-night stay, 1 room [for 2]
・The Prince Karuizawa
Executive Twin Room / 34.8㎡
Days Excluded:2/2,9-10/2,27/4-5/5,3/8,9-17/8,24/8,28-31/12【2019】,1-4/1,11-12/1,22-23/2,20-21/3,29/4-6/5【2020】

・The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko
Garden View Twin Room / 38㎡
Days Excluded:Day before a holiday,27/4-6/5,13-14/7,9-18/8,21/8,25/8,14-15/9,21-22/9,12-13/10,2-3/11,21-22/12,28/12,31/12【2019】,1-3/1,3-4/5【2020】

・Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto
Deluxe Suite 73.8㎡ or 79.2㎡
Days Excluded:9-10/2,30/3,27/4-5/5,13-14/7,27/7,3-5/8,10-15/8,17/8,24/8,14-15/9,21-22/9,12-13/10,2-3/11,21-22/12,28/12,31/12【2019】,1-3/1,3-4/5【2020】
・Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima
Suite Room / 107㎡
Days Excluded:9-10/2,30/3,27/4-5/5,13-14/7,27/7,3-5/8,10-15/8,17/8,24/8,14-15/9,21-22/9,12-13/10,2-3/11,21-22/12,28-31/12【2019】,1-4/1,20-21/3,29/4-5/5【2020】

・Kawana Hotel
Ocean View Twin Room or Ocean View King Room / 29.7㎡
Days Excluded:Friday, Saturday and the day before holiday,27/4-5/5,10-15/8,28-31/12【2019】,1-4/1【2020】

・Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel
Japanese - style room tatami+hiroen / 49.1㎡
Days Excluded:22-31/3,27/4-5/5,9-24/8,1-3/11,12/11,28-31/12【2019】,1-5/1,20-31/3,25/4-5/5【2020】Every Tuesday and Wednesday in January and February and the day before holiday.

*Reservation required
*Please inquire with the facility for details.

Application deadline 31/12/2019
Valid until 6 mths after being issued
Points to redeem 15,000